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Priscilla Wicker

About the Artist

Watercolorist Priscilla Wicker finds fulfillment and a creative outlet in her work. When she gets "in the zone" as she paints, the art seems to flow through her, providing a feeling of peace and tranquility. Her passion for art began as an undergraduate, where she started out studying art before moving toward graphic design. After school, she became a teacher at the local community college for graphic design courses and, after retiring, chose to dedicate herself to watercolor painting full time, and Priscilla Wicker Watercolors was born.

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Even as a graphic designer, she spent a great deal of time drawing and illustrating. Today, her subject is almost always nature, and she draws the subject before painting over them in watercolors, which allow the original drawing to show through the translucent colors. Her unique technique allows the watercolor pigments to act as an extension of her drawings and shows a different facet of the beauty of nature.

Member of the Austin Visual Arts Association (AVAA)

Member of the Waterloo Watercolor Group


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